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Jordan Stucker
period 2.

Gun Control
In England less than two hundred people a year die from a gunshot, this is because no one owns guns. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What does this mean? What  should be done about gun control? Instead of creating new, strict, gun control laws the government of the United States of America should be enforcing the ones currently in effect.

Because of gun laws and how strict they are getting, people are discouraged from acting safely and responsibly with a firearm. “Those who support individual gun ownership say that many responsible people own unregistered guns. For example, a shop owner who has been robbed several times may want to acquire a gun as soon as possible, to get a gun quickly they might not obey gun laws”(Long, Barbara) And if someone acquires an illegal gun, they will not take such a thing out to a shooting range or safety classes because it is unregistered. They are afraid someone will catch them with it and they will be in great trouble, but they are putting others in danger by not having training with their gun.

Some people say that guns create a false sense of security, that if a gun is used to resist violence the victim is more likely to get killed. Well this is true but they are using the stereotypical movie criminal who won't think twice before pulling the trigger. If the victim pulls  a gun on an attacker, their chance of surviving the attack will increase greatly. The rate of survival outweighs the chance of death, now seeing how strict gun laws will end up making hazards for others, how having looser and owning a gun is a good thing.

Guns can and do stop crimes because  “Criminals are less likely to commit crimes knowing there victim has a gun...In ten state correctional systems criminals were served and 56% said they would not attack the victim knowing they had a gun...In twenty nine states that allowed concealed carry  the crime rate fell to 2.1%”(Long, Barbara) Having a firearm will make anyone a less likely target because the predator does not want to die. Some people say that allowing concealed carry will not prevent crime. this is both true and false. If an attacker is unaware of the gun they will carry their task out but if they do know there is a gun they will likely not attack the one that is carrying a tool that could end there life before they can blink.

“Anti gun controllers point out to incidents where people without a gun have been seriously hurt.” It is true that guns can kill people. But what is never brought up is that guns can save people through self defence, like in the case of James Edward Scott. “An 83 year old man shot and wounded an intruder in his backyard in Baltimore Maryland. His neighbors say he was targeted several times before. The authorities took his gun and less than a year later Scott was strangled in his home by yet another burglar.” (Long, Barbara) Just like Scott, people without guns are targeted daily for theft, rape, or even murder. And a gun can be a great help and keeping them from completing their task. therefore Guns are extremely useful when it comes to self defence

Once again, instead of creating new gun laws the government should enforce the ones they have now. And remember having stricter gun laws can be a hazard because those who have unregistered guns are untrained,  having a gun prevents crime, and guns are effective for self defence because a gun is a tool. It is not a evil murder weapon, it is a tool and a tool has one job. To make life and jobs easier, a tool in the wrong hands can be used badly, but the tool itself can not go out and shoot someone. without a gunman a gun is harmless. It is those people who are going to be that evil gunman who should not have a gun. Guns don't kill people people kill people. If someone were being confronted by a criminal who wanted to rob, rape, or even kill them. Should they use a gun?

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