Saturday, March 8, 2014

hey its Jordan, its been a while but I got a different headset than expected.
I got myself a pair of turtle beach X32's. these are so amazing but it also has its flaws.
I believe the pros to this headset is...
they are VERY comfortable. with my old headset my head and ears would hurt so bad that I would have to turn off my games for the night but this headset is over ear so they hardly even touch my ears.
the sound quality is out standing. along with this there are two buttons on the left ear that control bass and treble. I believe that this should be  used for music or the more intense games. and the other button controls the field of hearing.the settings are normal, wide, and narrow. these settings make it so you can hear approaching enemy's more easily detectable.
the cons...
it is pretty pricey. I bought my headset at game stop and new it costs about 100.00 dollars but the register lady was nice enough to tell me about a pair that were sent back unopened but were sold at a used price because they were bought and returned so I only payed 81.99 for it.
the wires are to 'much'.with the wire less function is used through a adapter that gets plugged in some where in a outlet or your counsel and it is hard to keep untangled.
very complicated to setup for the first time. the guide is not very reliable because it dose not give the full instructions. plus the headset isn't meant for PC gaming so to use it you need to by a separate 3.5mm jack to use audio.
I haven't had them for that long but so far they are shining through for me.

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